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Bert Kreischer is an American Stand-Up comedian and reality TV host. Bert Kreischer Net worth is $3 Million. Since 2004, he has performed countless stand-up routines across the nation and has developed a recognizable name for himself. He is easily recognized because of his shirtless comedy acts, humour, and storytelling skills. The story where he allegedly helped the Russian mafia while on a college trip is his most well-known piece and explains how he got the nickname The Machine. 

Bert Kreischer Net Worth
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Bert Kreischer Net Worth

 CERTIFICATE NAME  Albert Kreischer
 MONEY FACTORS  Stand-Up Comedy, TV Hosting, Acting

Bert Kreischer Early Life

Albert Kreischer born on November 3, 1972, in St. Petersburg Florida, and grows in Tampa. His father Al Kreischer was a real estate lawyer, and his mother Gege Kreischer was a child development professional before starting a family. Bert is graduate from Jesuit High School and enrolled in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and declared an English major when he graduated from Florida State University.

The Princeton Review classified Florida State University as the nation’s top “party school” in 1997, when he was in his sixth year of college.

Bert Kreischer Career

At Potbelly’s, a bar and club in Tallahassee, Florida, Kreischer got his start in stand-up comedy. He sent a tape of his set to agent Jason Steinberg, who invited him to come to New York City to see a few stand-up shows and where he sees the lights of his career. Then he deals with Will Smith’s production Company CBC.

Throughout the early 2000s, he appeared in various shows, such as The X Show, The Shield, and Hurt Bert. His portrayal in Hurt Bert even got him the Talk Soup’s “Clip of the Year” award. He was also featured in National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2 with four other comedians. Later that year, one of his stories got animated in the Shorties Watchin’ Shorties.

Until today, he has done four comedy specials, two of which were under Comedy Central and the other two from Netflix and also wins numerous awards one of them are “Variety’s Creative Impact in Comedy Award”.

Bert Kreischer Cars

Bert shows love for sports cars on social media. Recently he gifted a $1,00,000 sports car to Tom Segura for his birthday. Also retweet the image with Lamborghini (#i got mine).

Bert Kreischer House & Properties

In 2010, Bert purchased a house for $5,29,000 in Los Angeles’ the area in North of Hollywood and considered part of the San Fernando Valley. The house has a spacious 1400 Sq. ft. living area. This is definitely one of the smaller celebrity homes but it’s too relaxing and humble.

At time when he film “2 Bears 1 Cave” intent to buy a home in Austin.

Bert Kreischer Family

 WIFE  Leeann Kreischer
 BEST FRIENDS  Tom Segura, Joey Diaz, Nikka Glaser, Bobby   Lee
 DAUGHTERS  Ila Kreischer, Georgia Kreischer
 PARENTS  Gege Kreischer, Al Kreischer
 SIBLINGS  Annie And Kottie

Bert Kreischer Net Worth
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Bert Kreischer Biography

 RELIGION  Catholic
 DATE OF BIRTH  Nov 3rd , 1972
 PLACE OF BIRTH  St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
 UNIVERCITY  Florida State University
 HEIGHT  1.82 M (5’97”)
 WEIGHT  227 Pounds/103 Kg. (Appx.)
 EYE COLOUR  Electric Blue


Some Unknown Fact About Bert Kreischer

  • Bert’s says have a lot of love for cars in 2019.
  • Bert is growing marijuana as a hobby.
  • In a podcast Bert says he drinks nine tequilas and one southern in a night.
  • Bert is now on Netflix now with his new show “The Cabin with Bert Kreisher”.



Ques 1 How old is Bert Kreisher?

Bert Kreisher Currently age is 50 years old.

Ques 2 Who is Bert Kreischer wife?

Leeann Kreischer.

Ques 3 Does Bert Kreischer have kids?

Yes. He has Two Kids. Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer



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