Dave Grohl Net Worth, Wiki & Bio

David Eric Grohl known as professionally Dave Grohl, who is have a big name in the musical industry in America, Dave is an rock musician, song writer, singer and record producer. Dave Grohl net worth is $340 million in 2023. He is one of the top rising musician in the music industry, he has also been very successful drummer for the seattle grunge band, Nirvana. Dave’s family moved from Ohio to Springfield when he was young child, His parents was divorced when he was only seven years old after that his single mother raised Dave and his older sister, Dave starts learning guitar at the age of 12. 

Dave Grohl Net Worth
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Dave Grohl Net Worth   

 PROFESSION  American Musician
 MONEY FACTORS  Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record   Producer

Dave Grohl Early Life 

David Eric Grohl born Jan 14th, 1969, in Warren, Ohio, United States, when he was a young child moved to spring field. Virginia Grohl Dave’s mom and father James Grohl were separated at the age of his seven-year-old. Then his single mother raised him and his elder sister Lisha Grohl.

After that he was starting single mother raised him and his older sister Lisa Grohl. He starts his musical journey at the age of twelve when he starts learning guitar. When He was thirteen-year-old he spent summer with his cousin Tracy in Chicago, when he made Dave and Lisa to punk rock that summer. His first concert was a 1982 Naked Raygun show at the legendry Cubby Bear bar in Chicago when he was only 13 and his career kicked off from that point.

Dave Grohl Career

Dave Grohl is so much successful and stable celebrity and has a big list of achievements in his career. Dave started his career in 1986. He starting to learn guitar and drum at the age of 12. He learned to play those by seeing idols and learning from himself too. At the age of 17, he signed a rock band named Scream. Dave spent much time with the band, as its lead drummer. In 1990, he joined the second band in his career named Nirvana, as a drummer and become a lead drummer in the year 1991, in the album named Nevermind. Although, it comes to an end in 1994, after the closing of Nirvana. Later, he again signed for another band named Foo Fighters.

Dave released his first album by Foo Fighters in 1995, later it was become a very successful band and staged all over the world. Dave has also worked in several movies and shows. He also has his own label, where he works as a record producer. Dave has been achieved the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, for beginning period of Nirvana in 2014, and Foo Fighters in 2021.

Dave Grohl Cars

Dave Grohl have lot of love for cars he have big list of cars in his garage like Rolls Royce, Phantom, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lexus, Tesla and few more.


Dave Grohl House & Properties

Dave Grohl have a luxurious lifestyle in that have many houses in different places a house place in Ohio, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Michigan and much more. He is a very rich and successful celebrity.

Dave Grohl Net Worth
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Dave grohl Wife, Kids, Friends and More

 WIFE  Jordan Blum
 BEST FRIENDS  Taylor Hawkins
 CHILDRENS  Violet Maye Grohl

 Ophelia Saint Grohl

 Harper Willow Grohl

 FATHER’S NAME  James William
 MOTHER’S NAME  Virginia Grohl
 SISTER  Lisha

Dave Grohl Biography 

 RELIGION  Catholic
 DATE OF BIRTH  Jan 14th, 1969
 PLACE OF BIRTH  Warren, Ohio, United States
 SCHOOL  Thomas Jefferson High School
 HEIGHT  1.83 M (6’)
 WEIGHT  176 Lbs./80 Kg. (Appx.) 

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Some Unknown Facts About Dave Grohl

  • Dave Grohl’s father died in 2014.
  • Dave Grohl has three children.
  • Dave Grohl divorced Jennifer Youngblood in 1997.
  • Dave Grohl is now 54 years old.                                                                                                                                   


Ques 1 How old was Dave Grohl when he joined Nirvana?

In audition, Grohl had lied about his age and had claimed that he was 20. After auditioning, the band offered him if he would like to join. Grohl accepted their offer . 

Ques 2  How much money has Dave Grohl made in a month ?

Approxly $2.5 million .

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